Lana Lichman

Floral Designer Sydney Australia

Interview with Fleur Creatif. 2014
Beauty will save the world …

Why is your heart with flowers?

Flowers bring happiness to people’s lives – they lighten up faces and bring beauty to the world. As Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world”.

Where did you learn to love flowers and why? Family? School?

Love for flowers has been carried on through three generations of women in my family. Both of my grandmothers had beautiful gardens, one of them used to sell flowers at the local farmers market and was well known for her sensational Gladioli and Dahlias. My other grandma used to let me play among her flowerbeds and make flower dolls from her best roses. I used to get into trouble for disappearing for hours in search of wild flowers in surrounding hills – they were the best since they were “forbidden”.

My mother can grow just about anything and carried her love for flowers throughout all her life. We share the same passion, so it was only natural that I went to study floristry and never looked back.

What are you trying to express with flowers? What is your message?

I want to surprise my customers and change their perception of floral design. Showcasing flowers in a different context helps to push the boundaries of their expectations.
Flowers have an amazing power to bring smiles to people’s faces – a flower crown wouldn’t turn you into a princess, but could make you feel like one. The message I convey in my work is that flowers can make the world a better place.

Do you have a flower shop?
Not at the moment. I owned a shop Art of Bloom in Sydney’s CBD for 6 years and loved the vibe of a busy florist, but felt it was a time for a change of scenery. My recent trip to Europe brought me a lot of floral inspiration that I can’t wait to put in to my work and future design projects.

Are you teaching? Do you have a school of your own of what is the school you are working for? Why teaching?

Not yet, but it would be wonderful to share my passion and vision with people one day. I also enjoy demonstrating, as I discovered during a demo session for professional florists association recently.

What mean competitions to you?

I love the challenge and the creative process leading up to them; experimenting with forms and colors, trying different ideas and testing materials and techniques is very exciting.

Do you have publications and what do you think about?

New Zealand based magazine Floral Design did a feature on my Russian themed burlesque floral costume in the December 2011 issue. The article also had a section of step-by-step instructions on the making of all the costume’s elements – the crown, the collar and the dress. Historic traditional Russian royal costumes were the inspiration for this design.

What is the most important source of inspiration?

Art was always a strong influence for me. Great Dutch master’s floral still life, liquidity of forms in Dali’s work, surreal world of Magritte and the shapes and colors of modern art.
Floral design is a form of art in itself; it evolves with every new generation of designers. The emergence of new materials and techniques influence our work, but the harmony of nature and the beauty of the flowers is there to guide us.

What flowers/materials do you prefer?

I love to work with orchids. They offer such an amazing array of colors, and shapes – I adore the versatility they offer. Vanda orchids are my absolute favorites.

Is flower design different from flower arranging?

The difference is quite dramatic to me.
Flower arranging evokes more traditional, even old-fashioned images in my mind. It also comes with a more rustic and natural approach to the process and perfect for beginners and enthusiasts. Flower design is more conceptual and professional. The study of this subject is strictly necessary as well as a high skill level.

What about flowers and fashion?

I think they go hand in hand together, especially in current trends.

Let’s have a look at floral crowns for example. From couture fashion designers to front covers of lifestyle & fashion magazines to styling blogs and websites – they are everywhere. The general public loves them and the younger generations are captivated by the fresh take on this traditional form.

Wearable flowers merge the floral design and fashion worlds together. I love this concept, it’s such a wonderful way to let your creativity flow. If you haven’t experimented with floral fashion you definitely should – it’s so much fun!

What is your goal?

My goal is to organize a center or a series of events to introduce the general public to high-end floral design and flower fashion that would inspire and educate them and challenge their perceptions of the possibilities.

I’ve also always wanted to have a book published. At the moment I am taken by ‘wearable flowers’ concept, and it would be a wonderful subject.

Do you have a dream about floral design?

I fell in love with Fleur Amour festival I visited this year, it was one my dreams come true. It would be wonderful to have an event of this magnitude devoted only to floral design in Australia, to help flowers get the same impact on peoples life’s here as in Holland and Belgium.

We have so much to offer as an industry. People have to see it to be able to appreciate it. Events and shows aimed at the right audience would be an ideal way to achieve this. That’s why it’s so important to find like-minded people. Flower Factor and LM Flower Fashion are a big inspiration to me. It’s not a small task, but even a great journey begins with a single step.


Art Director

Art of Bloom


South Western Sydney Institute

Diploma in Floristry



Shop Window Competition Bronze, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show


Diploma Student perfume floor display.Ffirst place, Sydney Royal Easter Show


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Head floral designer & demonstrator